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3. Strategy and Supply Chain Management

_______________________________________________________________________The strategy of an organisation is the process in which it makes use of certain policies, procedures and resources in order to achieve the main objectives of the organisation. They further highlight the fact that it is important for public sector organisations to analyse the concept, which according to them indicates that public organisations, such as the ORGANISATION, need a suitable plan or method in order to achieve the aim of the organisation irrespective of change. They further indicate that any organisation, in formulating its strategy, should be able to identify the following four aspects:

  • The mission or over all aim of the organisation;
  • the transformation technology used by the organisation;
  • the strategic and operational planning to achieve the aims and;
  • Strategic control.

Activity 3.1

  1. What are the strategic and operational plans that your organisation has?
  2. Outline the main goods and services needed to achieve these plans.

An organisation should not stop its planning at the point where a vision of the future has emerged. A "strategy" is also known as the organization’s "game plan" and managers often refer to it as their large-scale, future-oriented, plan for interacting with the competitive environment to achieve the organisation's objectives. A well-defined strategy provides a framework for how to achieve a winning objective. Similarly it provides a framework for managerial decisions but does not detail all future deployments of resources such as finances, people and material. Thus, a strategy reflects an organisation's awareness of how, when, and where it will compete, against whom it should compete, and for what purpose it should compete.