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Effects of the Coronavirus on higher education

Should you be afraid? Maybe yes, maybe no. The outbreak still happening in South Africa where several people are infected with the virus. A lot of students start to worry about their education and what would happen if they get sick. But should we be afraid of this Coronavirus? Fachs College decided to list a few things you should know about the virus and whether or not it is something that will affect your academic life

Coronavirus is a disease that causes flu and fever in people. Its symptoms are similar to flu, so people do not know that they are sick until they develop extensive illnesses. Severe symptoms and death appear more frequently among older people. People with underlying health conditions such as lung or heart diseases, renal failure, or weak immune systems ought to be at a higher risk of infection.

Negative&Positive impact of Covid-19 on the Education sector

On the negative side, the unplanned stoppage of classes and learning has affected the academic calendars of students. Most students are having a hard time coping with their school works due to the changes in the academic calendar caused by the pandemic. However, the advancement and deployment of technology and virtual learning has greatly improved how students can make use of online learning to collect info and materials for their school works.

distance and online learning during the impact of coronavirus on higher education.

Enrolling with Fachs College during the Pandemic

Join us to study online, you don’t have to travel, the online courses are convenient and flexible. You do not have to worry about contracting the virus, we have two campuses in Midrand and Soweto with methods of learning of your choice.

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