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MBA: Information Security Management (Coming Soon)


About this course




Credits: 48 

Duration: between 12 and 36 months 

Work experience: A minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience. Although you are not required to have previous experience in business administration, you are expected to have a background on the field in which you are pursuing the MBA program. 

Delivery mode: Face- to-Face, online instructor led sessions, online self-paced 

Language: English 

Audience: Designed for candidates seeking managerial or executive positions in Information Security 




The MBA program in Information Security Management prepares you to strategically manage information security challenges in a business context. Developing technical skills in computer systems and gaining knowledge in business management equips you with the necessary competencies to draw conclusions based on information security and business risks. 

By gaining both technical and leadership skills, you become fully prepared to implement security solutions in an organization. The courses within this program equip you with the required expertise to detect information security threats, assess risks, choose reliable risk management practices and develop innovative methods to make the organization more resistant to threats and disruptions. 




Interconnect business management and technology in a collaborative approach to information security. 

Manage the development, acquisition, and progress of an information security infrastructure. 

Design and implement networks, software, and distributed systems from an information security perspective. 

Create information security policies in an organization and demonstrate how to enforce compliance. 

Develop security plans and conduct gap analyses for comparison of various systems. 

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Minimum Credits: 48

Duration:between 12 and 36 months

Work Experience:A minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience. Although you are not required to have previous experience in business administration, you are expected to have a background on the field in which you are pursuing the MBA program.

NB: More information can be provided upon request

Course Requirements

  • Business administration core
  • Specialization
  • Elective
  • Research and project activities

There are four pillars in our program structure: 1 – BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CORE (6 CREDITS) 

Business Administration courses provide the broad business knowledge necessary for applying field-specific skills in a business setting. These courses are the same for every MBA track. 

Course Requirements (3 credits each): 

• 3 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 

• 3 Project Management 


Specialisation courses provide the necessary expertise in Information Security. 

Course Requirements (3 credits each): 

3 Information Security MS Implementation

• 3 Cybersecurity Management 

3 Information Security MS Audit

• 3 Incident Management 


Elective courses provide additional insights in the area of Information Security that help ample up your field expertise. 

Course Requirements (3 credits each): 3 courses from the list below: 

3 Information Security Risk Management

• 3 Penetration Testing 

3 Information Security Controls

• 3 Ethical Hacking 

3 Application Security Implementation

• 3 Data Protection 

3 Application Security Audit

• 3 SCADA Security Management 

3 Computer Forensics

• 3 Information Security in Health Management 


3 Business Communications & Presentation Skills 

• 3 Research Methodology 

3 Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences 

• 3 Statistics for Managers

• 6 Capstone Project 1 (2nd semester)

• 6 Capstone Project 2 (4th semester)

Delivery Model

Delivery mode: Face- to-Face, online instructor led sessions, online self-paced

Language: English

Audience: Designed for candidates seeking managerial or executive positions in Risk Management

Fachs International College of Business & Technology aims to attract the brightest students who demonstrate academic excellence and motivation to benefit from our educational offerings. Fachs International College of Business & Technology welcomes applicants of all backgrounds. Admissions selection criteria have been set on the principle of fairness and equal opportunity by assessing applicants solely on personal merits.



Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution;

Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above;

At least two years of relevant professional experience.

English competency demonstrated through previous studies



Completed online application form

Diploma and official grade transcripts

2 Reference letters

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Personal statement

Copy of an identification document (passport or similar)

Application fee



Academic excellence and potential

Motivation and suitability for the program of interest

Previous experience

Personal qualities and competencies

Commitment and interest



Chief Information Security, Information Security, Information Assurance, Cyber Security, Senior Information Technology, Forensics Cybersecurity, Data Protection