Electrical Engineering: Light Current NQF 3/4

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Electrical Engineering: Light Current NQF 3/4


About this course

This course is the classic (traditional) electrical artisan course. The course enables the student to work with heavy electrical currents (for electricity and domestic wiring, industrial and civil industries) and light electrical currents (such as used for required for digital and industrial electronics).


Entry Requirements

Grade 10 or Equivalent

National Certificate: N 3 – N 4


  • Electrical Engineering & Construction 
  • Industrial Engineering 
  • Digital Electronic Engineering 
  • Process Control Systems 

Material & Facilities

  • training Module 
  • Certificate and statements of results 
  • Stationeries: (Pens & writing Pad) 
  • Subject matter expert facilitators 


  • Mathematics (N1-N6) 
  • Industrial Electronics (N1-N6) 
  • Radio & Theory (N1-N3) 
  • Logic Systems (N2-N6) 
  • Instrument Trade Theory (N2-N6) 
  • Digital Electronics (N4-N6) 
  • Communicatio Electronics (N4-N6) 
  • Computer Principles (N4-N6) 
  • Supervisory Management (N4-N6) 

Delivery Methods

  • Virtual Training – online sessions accessible anywhere, recorded sessions available.
  • E-Learning – Self paced learning, study from home.